Trusted Family Wellness Center Serving Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Located less than a mile from the beautiful beach that inspired our name, The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach is a family wellness center that focuses on child centered care. Our team approach to wellness includes academic support for children ages 5 - 18 years old, fitness classes for children, adults, and families as well as mental health care for children and adolescents. This practice was founded by Theresa Randazzo-Burton, MD, and Elizabeth Winings, DNP, APRN. We take a holistic, integrative approach to mental health care, serving both individuals and families. Discover the difference we can make in your emotional and physical health by exploring the variety of services we offer and scheduling an intake appointment today!

A Different Approach to Mental Health Care

As a longtime mental health provider in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, we believe that taking care of both your mind and body leads to overall wellbeing. That’s why our practice offers resources designed to help you achieve your mental and physical health goals.

At our practice, we’ve streamlined our approach to mental health care, offering essential services in multidisciplinary setting. This includes high quality, evidence-based medication management and psychotherapy, as well as incorporated physical activity, educational support, and nutrition guidance.

Achieving Wellness through Healthier Family Dynamics

The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach aims to help patients understand the principles of healthy living, develop strong self-concepts, and restore their relationships. We believe that understanding ourselves and our past gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the present, eventually allowing us to change and grow in the future.

Introspection and self-awareness are key facets of our family counseling services. Healthy family dynamics can go a long way in preventing and alleviate stress, psychological symptoms, and psychiatric illnesses. You and your loved ones will work alongside our compassionate team as you build the balanced and functional life you deserve.

Contact our practice to speak with a mental health provider and schedule an appointment. We serve families throughout Ponte Vedra Beach, as well as those in Northeast Florida.

A Different Approach to Education through Academic Coaching

At The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach we are thrilled to offer Academic Coaching for grades 2 - 12. Our team is made up of a variety of educators who specialize in content based tutoring or as we like to call it, Academic Coaching. Our Educational Center is designed with the total child in mind. The experience your child will have at our center is one that supports their heart and mind. Our Academic Coaches are dedicated to meeting the educational, physical, and emotional needs of each student.

As life-long learners our Academic Coaches (Tutors) have the opportunity for continual professional development. Each of our Educators have educational certification and many have advanced degrees. Our educators have depth of knowledge and years of experience. Our Academic Coaches are passionate about supporting the child, their family, and their current teacher by creating effective communication and building a relationship with each individual.

Achieving Wellness through Academic Success

Every child  goes through an educational process whether that is in a traditional school setting, co-op, or homeschool format. Our Academic Coaching approach is not to prepare students for something, our educators seek to prepare students for everything. As Educators, one of our primary responsibilities is to build a child's confidence, self esteem, and support their emotional growth as they navigate the world. We believe educating the mind without educating the heart is not educating at all.